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What are Hem Protectors?

Hem Protectors are crystal clear, waterproof, dirtproof, non permanent and disposable. Wet soggy, dirty jean hems are not pretty hence our slogan "Always use protection!" Clearly we want to preserve and protect your priceless jeans. Hem Protectors help keep your jeans looking nice, new and clean!


How do Hem Protectors work?

Hem Protectors are very simple with a quick peel and stick application. Hem Protectors adhere to your jean hem with a light tacky clothing adhesive. Hem Protectors are non permanent and disposable, voila clearly protected!


Can I wash my jeans with with Hem Protectors?

No! Remove and dispose dirty used Hem Protectors before laundering your jeans. After jeans have been cleaned and laundered simply apply a new fresh clean pair of Hem Protectors. Hem Protectors stay adhered to your jeans only until you remove them.






Easy Quick Peel and Stick!


1 - Use actual Hem Protector for measuring to correct size, not all jean hems are the same width. Trim off excess Hem Protector material with household scissors.


2 - Peel clear Hem Protector away from paper backing FIRST apply to OUTSIDE HEM then fold apply to inside hem.


3 - Clearly protected inside and out, voila super easy!

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