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Little background about my colorful self... Big Family Values, Big Heart, Big Ideas! 


I am a small town girl from outside Seattle Washington with big time dreams. Did you know Washington State is nicknamed the Rainy State? We have plenty of rain year round, hence my brainiac idea for JEANIUS Hem Protectors.


I am also a full time active Auntie meaning... on call Auntie sitter for my sister her doting husband and a handful of beautiful nieces and nephews and... Auntie knows how to have fun!


Overall nothing to glam as of YET keep you posted, after all I am a big believer in that your dreams really can come true! Currently... at the moment I hope to make a lot of fashionistas, fashion conscious men and kiddos very happy with my patent pending simple idea JEANIUS Hem Protectors! Starting a small business from scratch has been one of my biggest challenges yet so much fun. Other than that, I squeeze in all together... socializing, networking, shopping, family and friends makes for good times. Oh and let's not forget about my little shopping habit on the side, if you know what I mean... After all my brainiac idea stemmed from me loving my denim jeans and I mean loving my designer denim literally!


Always use protection!


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